We believe that in the near future, through Blockchain technology and innovation in augmented reality, the Metaverse will coexist and merge with the world around us. Our times are proving that our digital identities are becoming as important as our physical ones and very soon that gap will cease to exist. The Metaverse is destined to become a reality and our unique digital avatar will become our new limitless identity. With CREA we aim to open the portal into the world of digital wearable fashion and offer you the freedom to customize your CloneX avatar.


Enter the Metaverse in style with CREA, an NFT native brand and your gateway into the world of digital wearable fashion, powered by Blockchain technology, engineered for AR and blurring the boundaries between physical and digital realms.


The Metaverse has no creative limits and so should your CloneX, your Metaverse identity. Now, with CREA you can customize your unique CloneX avatar with new and high-quality tailored design wearables, allowing you to finally unlock the creative freedom to personalize and relate to your avatar even more. While all wearables are custom made for 3D CloneX, they can also be modified and used on other avatars, in different and upcoming Metaverses, AR and VR experiences and games engines. The possibilities are truly endless, and this is just the beginning!


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Every wearable item is individually designed and built for the Metaverse, created as high-quality and real-time 3D assets. This means that NFT owners will receive their 3D wearables for free from our website as downloadable files and will have the creative freedom to use them in all sorts of creative and personal applications: in different forms of content, video games, virtual reality experiences and more. It is time to unleash your creativity!


Most of the wearables in the collection have their own female/male version, so you can choose one variant at mint and then update it later if you want, depending on your CloneX variant. The Updatable Variants feature is completely free and allows holders to freely swap between versions.


Automatically assemble and pose your 3D CloneX with your new CREA wearables with just one click thanks to Clone.Tools: an all-in-one Blender plugin for your CloneX! Render your avatar and show it off! It is that easy
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Genesis will be the first Season of our NFT native fashion brand. It will be an entry point to an exciting roadmap that will unlock new utilities, rewards, and value for your Metaverse avatar. Each new season will offer a different aesthetic, exciting new mechanics and features, allowing holders to diversify the wardrobe of their 3D avatar.


Loyal holders will be rewarded with exclusive and limited-edition airdrops. These will come as 2D NFTs and as downloadable 3D files for holders to use. Everyone loves a free gift!


A CREA Genesis NFT will provide you with exclusive access to new AR/VR experiences, merging the physical and digital world.


CREA is a NFT-native digital fashion brand powered by Blockchain technology. We reside in the Metaverse realm but hope to break through and deliver unique IRL wearables too. Designed for CloneX, designed for You

Our ethos has always been to exceed expectations. We might under promise but always overdeliver, providing value to our collectors through mystery, special rewards and surprises. We are driven to delight our collectors and we welcome you to our new adventure to build a Web 3 native brand. The future is now!